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Travel Essentials

July 19, 2018

I am currently en route to California with only one flight standing between me and a much-needed fun family vacation! Normally, when I travel it’s for work. It is nice to be switching it up and going somewhere solely for fun. I wanted to share some of my travel essentials and things I do/wear/use the day I am traveling anywhere.

The first thing I always do is prep my skin before getting on a plane. My face gets very dry when I travel so I try to keep it as hydrated as possible. I use all the same products I normally do, I just add a couple extra steps of moisturization to ensure my face stays hydrated for the duration of the travel day. I start by cleansing my face with Elemis’ Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm (1). I have recently started using cleansing balms and I don’t think I will ever go back to a normal cleanser. Balms don’t seem to strip my face of moisture or dry it out like some normal cleansers do. Next, I neutralize my skin by using Kopari’s Coconut Rose Toner (2). This instantly puts some moisture back into my skin after cleansing, and it smells divine! Then I apply an eye serum (3) (I am very generous with this step because my eyes seems to soak it right up) and a Vitamin C Serum (4).  Both by Dr. Dennis Gross. Next I apply Rose Hip oil by Naturopathica (5) to my entire face and neck. This is my favorite step. The oil feels so good on my skin and I feel this step is essential to keeping my face moisturized all day. I then follow that up with an Elemis Superfood Day Cream (6). I don’t like to wear a lot of makeup the day I am traveling so I opt for Nars’ Tinted Moisturizer. It gives the perfect amount of coverage and has SPF. I am a nut about sunscreen, so I double up on the SPF by using Supergoop’s Setting Mist with Rosemary (8). I keep my skin hydrated thru out my flight with Dermalogica’s Hydramist (9). This stuff is so refreshing and instantly makes my skin feel hydrated. Kopari’s Coconut Melt (10) is my go to body moisturizer the night before I travel, and pretty much every night while I am on a trip. It can be a little greasy, which is why I don’t use it during the day. At night though, it transforms my skin while I sleep. It is a game changer! Kopari also makes a coconut oil spray that is lighter and is perfect to use for the day.

Aside from prepping my skin, there are some other items that I keep handy while traveling. My husband recently bought me a three meter iphone charging cord. We always wish our charging cords were longer and this takes care of that problem.  It is especially great for the airport when outlets can be long distances away. He bought the pretty rose gold color (he knows me well), which is a bonus!

I also recently just got the Wireless Apple Earbuds and I am obsessed. They sync with my iPhone and Apple Watch, and come with a case that charges them in 15 minutes flat. I wasn’t sure how much I would actually use them, but I use them all of the time!

I follow the Skinny Confidential and love everything she posts about and recommends. She recently posted about Liquid IV and how she adds it to her water for optimum hydration. One bottle of water with Liquid IV equals the same hydration as 3 bottles of water. I am terrible about drinking enough water so I had to give it a try. So far it seems to help, and they offer some great flavors.

Comfort is the key when it comes to what I wear when I am traveling. In the warmer months, I love to wear a dress and no one makes a more comfortable dress than Rachel Pally! Not only does this one shoulder dress feel like a pair of pajamas, but it doesn’t wrinkle or have to be dry cleaned. Win – Win! I get cold easily so I always have a scarf with me. By Malene Birger does the perfect size scarf in my opinion. They are a great weight and she always offers beautiful prints. Both scarves below are available on our website and are on SALE! Lastly, I almost always travel in sneakers and we all know that Golden Goose is the sneaker king. My sweet hubby got me this leopard pair (you can never have enough leopard) for Christmas this past year and I wear them with everything!

These are just a few of the things I can’t live without when it comes to traveling! Next up, sipping yummy vino in California wine country!

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Merry Morgan Taylor

December 19, 2014


I recently discovered the nail polish brand Morgan Taylor and if you haven’t checked them out yet, you will want to after seeing the amazing colors I tried.  A local salon, So-Lace here in Lake City, SC carries the nail polish and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  I am not one to buy polish offline without trying it in person first or seeing it on someone so its just perfect that they are down the street from me.  I narrowed down my favorites to six colors I think are perfect this Holiday season.  First I tried Royal Treatment, its a dark eggplant colored purple.  When I think of Winter I immediately picture dark and rich colors.  I think this color looks great with any black or grey outfit which tends to be my go to outfit these days.


Magician’s Assistant is a great neutral color that will go with anything and look fabulous on anyone.  I love that its a light lavender grey with a subtle iridescent finish.   I have worn this color multiple times now its such a good everyday polish.  Trying to go out of the box I have been wanting to give a navy color a try.  Morgan Taylor’s Power Suit polish was the right one to test the waters with.  Its dark yes, but its wearable.  Also I think this would be great to do some designs on top of in a lighter color if you’re feeling adventurous.




Wonder Woman is the perfect Holiday red!  The metallic sheen adds a whole other dimension to your classic red nail polish.  Its so fun and festive I can’t wait to wear this one to my next Christmas party.  Sticking with the metallic theme Could Have Foiled Me is another fabulous festive polish for this season.  This would be just the polish for New Year’s Eve as well.  Both of these colors glide on so easily and stay put well.




I saved the best for last, Glitter & Gold is literally a party in a bottle!  The glitter polish is a little tricky to get on cleanly at first, but the end result is magnificent!!  You will certainly make a statement with these nails at your next event.  I would also love to use this over a classic red for a really festive touch.




Hope you enjoyed my Holiday nail polish picks and I can’t wait to test out more for the winter months!  You can purchase any of these colors at So-Lace Salon in Lake City, SC.  Call them at (843) 374-4247 or check out their Facebook page and Instagram.


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Monday Bunday

December 1, 2014

Looking for a polished hairdo that doesn’t take a lot of work?  We have the one for you.  A low bun looks pulled together and chic without being overdone.  Start with curled or wavy hair to give the bun some texture.


Spray your hair with some dry shampoo to add texture and volume to your locks.  Section most of your hair up into a clip on top of your head.  Tease the remaining hair below to add some volume.



With a small section of hair, create a low ponytail at the base of the neck.  This will help provide some stability for the bun.



Use the rest of your hair to create a second ponytail on top of the first.  I suggest using two pony tails so that the bun won’t be weighed down as much if you just used one.



Smooth the top of your hair and begin to spin the pony tails around onto the base.





Let the bun stay full once you’ve finished spinning it around the base and secure it with bobby pins.  Work your way around the bun pinning it securely.  Make sure you take the end pieces that tend to stick out of the bun and tuck them into the bun with more bobby pins.  You want to secure the bun as close to your head as possible so that it doesn’t move.  Finish off with a light hold hair spray.



This bun is supposed to be relaxed and bit messy so don’t worry if you have some loose pieces, it will just add to the look.  This is a great hairdo for second or third day hair after you have had it curled.  Its perfect to hide dirty hair when you don’t have time for anything else.  We love this look for the office as well.  Stay tuned and we are going to show you how to create a bun for a holiday evening party!



Dress – Diane von Furstenberg, Bag – Rebecca Minkoff, Earrings – Megan Park, Shoes – Schutz

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Behind the Scenes

November 4, 2014


We’ve been super busy these past few weeks prepping for our Fall 2014 Lookbook shoot and I can’t believe its already over!  Sunday was a full day of hair, make up, and styling to get the right looks for each photo.  We wanted to share a little peek of what it takes to get these amazing shots that you see us use on our website and more.  Weeks before the shoot we began searching for inspiration online and in magazines of what kind of shots we wanted and how we wanted to style the hair, make up and clothes.  You can check out our Inspiration Board on our Pinterest page to see the photos that influenced our looks. We knew we wanted to go in a different direction than we have normally done for our lookbooks, something more edgy, sleek, and dark.  For the makeup we chose to go for a more dramatic look with darker shadows, lots of lashes, and berry stained lips.  We kept the hair sleek and straight mostly with an edgier vibe.  Since it is Fall we had a lot of darker colors to work with in the clothing so it was perfect to achieve the look we were going for. We shot at the beautiful Moore Farms Botanical Gardens located right here in Lake City. This is the third time we have shot here, and it never disappoints. The gardens literally change on a weekly basis so there is always a new gorgeous backdrop.




Our amazing makeup artist Cory King captured our vision with smokey eyes, lots of liner and lashes and darker lips.  One of our models, Erin McEachin did double duty by also styling all of the hair for the shoot.  She kept the hair sleek and straight mostly to go along with the edgier vibe of the looks.


photo 2-23

It truly takes a team to make a shoot like this run smoothly and we couldn’t have asked for a better team to work with!  Angela Cox always captures the perfect moments and her photos are breathtaking.  She really knows how to make the clothing shine.  Our fabulous models are a huge part of making our shoots successful, they even help out when they’re not in the photos to make sure we get the best shot possible.



photo 5-14

Kris Meade is our videographer and he is simply outstanding.  He always has the most high tech gadgets and techniques when we see him and this time he brought his drone with him to video some of the looks.  Here’s a sneak peak of the drone flying about our models for one of the shots.  Can’t wait to see the finished video and to share it with you!


Angela shared several finished shots with us and we are dying to see the rest!




We had a blast putting this lookbook together and we hope you have enjoyed this sneak peek!  Stay tuned for more pictures and for the finished lookbook and video to arrive!


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Wavy Wonder

October 22, 2014

One of my favorite hairstyles that looks great on anyone are soft, loose waves! We see this look on celebrities and models all the time and secretly wish we could get our hair to look like that.  Well wish no more!! Here is our step by step guide on how to get gorgeous waves easily!  First let’s talk about the products and tools you will need to achieve this style – A bubble curling wand is crucial, it will keep the curls consistent. The one I used is by Verge and it is one of the best on the market!  Any hair brush will work, I used a paddle one by Spornette and hair clips to hold the excess hair back that you’re not curling at the moment are a must!  The products I used for this tutorial are all by Sexy Hair, Spray & Stay, Spray & Play, and H2NO, a dry shampoo.  These are fabulous products and smell amazing!


To begin you need to brush through all of your hair to get rid of any tangles and to smooth everything before you curl.  Start at the bottom of your head and work your way to the top with 1 inch sections, leaving the rest of your hair up in a clip.


Using your bubble wand start curling section by section making sure you are curling away from your face, not towards it.  Leave about an inch to an inch and half of hair out at the end past the clamp to keep the strands from looking over curled.


Keep curling the sections of hair until you reach the top of your head.


After all your hair has been curled let it cool so that the curls will set.  The longer you let it cool the more curl you will have.


After your hair is cool you can begin pulling your fingers through your hair to loosen the curls into waves.


If your hair holds curl very well or you just want really loose waves then you don’t need to do anything else to it.  You can spray a little hairspray if you want at this point to make the waves last all day.  If you want Big Sexy Hair though then use a flexible or strong hold hairspray and lift the hair up while you spray under the sections of hair.  This will help keep the volume of the curls and give you more body.  If you want a looser wave you can use a brush to tone down the curls some.


To add volume and texture at your crown you can spray some H2NO Dry Shampoo at the roots of your hair and rake your fingers through your hair.


How simple was that? A lot easier than you imagined I am sure!  The beauty of this style is that the bubble wand does all the work for you!  This is a great style that you can wear for multiple days and refresh with some dry shampoo and hairspray.  You could start out with strong curls and then by a couple days they are softer, looser waves.


For questions about styling, products, tools or to book an appointment, give me a call at 843-664-0555.


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Fall 2014 Nail Trends

October 16, 2014


Last week I shared our favorite lip colors for this Fall so that inspired me to go on the hunt for this season’s hottest nail polish colors.  After searching high and low I have narrowed down my favorite shades to wear this Fall.  I recently purchased the Queen of Hearts polish by Revlon.  I am a big fan of the Colorstay Gel and its price!  It goes on really well and stays put for an inexpensive polish.  Their clear top coat is also amazing!  Next on my list to try is Essie’s Angora Cardi and Lincoln Park at Midnight by OPI.  If you haven’t noticed already I am pretty obsessed with the plum, mauve, and wine shades this year.  The Angora Cardi is a beautiful dusty rose color that would look great on anyone.  OPI’s Lincoln Park at Midnight is a bit darker, I think it would be perfect for a date night or cocktail party.  A big trend this Fall are brown nails and Coco Suede by Laura Mercier is a great polish to buy if you want to try this trend.  If a rich brown is too bold for you then try Deborah Lippmann’s Modern Love or Neutral Statement by Maybelline.  These are two great neutral colors that would work for everyday and with anyone’s skin tone.  Modern Love is a classic mauve polish that would be the perfect on its own or with a little nail art on top.  If you’re looking for a similar color to Modern Love but at a less expensive price then Maybelline’s Neutral Statement is for you.  Their polishes are very inexpensive and stay put for days.  Can’t wait to share more of our favorite beauty trends for this Fall, so stay tuned for more!

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Grecian Goddess Bun

October 11, 2014


I want to take a moment to introduce you to the newest member of our team and our Beauty Editor, Erin McEachin.  She is a hair stylist and colorist at Panache Creative Hair Salon in Florence, SC.  She currently lives in Florence with her husband, FitzLee and her dog Pax.  Erin received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Clemson University and then went on to the Betty Stevens Cosmetology School to continue her education in a creative field.  She has been with Panache for almost 5 years now and really enjoys that she can make people feel their best with the right hairstyle and color.  Her love of fashion and design make her an asset to our team because no outfit is complete without fabulous hair!


For her first styling post Erin has decided to show us some of her favorite products to help you achieve this amazing Grecian Goddess updo that we showed on Instagram yesterday.  She is a big fan of big sexy hair products and these three that she has picked to share with you today are simply amazing!  Spray & Stay by big sexy hair is a great hairspray for updos that you want to stay in place all night long.  Spray & Play by big sexy hair is a more workable hairspray that doesn’t leave your strands hard and crunchy.  Its a great product for styling where you need more movement.  The light scent of these hairsprays won’t leave you dizzy afterward.  H2NO, a new product by big sexy hair, is a dry shampoo that smells great and gives a lot of added volume and texture to anyones hair.   The tools you will need for this updo are bobby pins, hair clips, nylon bristle brush, 1 inch curling iron, and a tail comb.  You will want a brush that is specifically made for smoothing for this updo.

Start with a center part and grab hair for the braid section by zig zagging approximately 2 inches of hair all the way to the nape of the neck.  Pin the remaining hair back while you braid each side.  Erin chose to do an inverted braid following the hairline closely to keep it tight.  An inverted braid is similar to a French Braid, only you pass the strands under each other as opposed to over.


After you’ve finished braiding, secure both braids with a hair tie at the nape of the neck, creating a tiny pony tail.


Pull at the strands of the braid to give it a more full look and thicker braid.  (This is a great tip for ladies with fine hair and tiny braids!)  Unclip the rest of the hair and spray with a flexible hold hairspray before you begin curling.  This is also a great time to spray your locks with a heat protectant to keep them healthy!


Section the unbraided hair and curl to give some bend and body.


Lightly spray sections of the curled hair with dry shampoo as you tease them.  Teasing this part of the updo will give you the volume needed to add a little or a lot of poof.  Take the tail comb and start half way up the section of hair and then backcomb.  It will look like a tangled mess, but trust me that means you’re doing it right.


Continue teasing in half inch sections until you have reached the top.  Don’t be afraid to over tease, you can always smooth it down to the desired volume.  After its teased you can begin pinning the bottom sections with bobby pins close to the rubber band at the nape of your neck.


Continue to pin and smooth the hair section by section until it is all pinned at the nape of your neck.  You can change the volume of your bump by smoothing the hair more or less.


Spray the hair generously for extra hold with hairspray.  Use the tail comb to shape the updo.


Pin the end of the hair up in a bun at the base of your neck to finish the look.  If you have short hair, you might want to add extra hair pieces.  Even if your hair is long, the teasing can take up a lot of the length and fullness so you may need to add hair pieces depending on the size of the bun you desire.

Spray the entire updo with extra hold hairspray so your hair will stay in place all night long!


Please contact Erin at Panache Creative Hair Salon for any of your styling needs or questions.  (843) 664-0555  Stay tuned for more great hair tricks and tips from Erin!

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Pretty Plum Pouts

October 3, 2014

Bold, berry stained lips are one of the biggest beauty trends this Fall and I cannot wait to try it out!  The deep wine colors from Bordeaux to Maroon create such powerful pouts that look fabulous on anyone.  Rebecca Minkoff’s models walked the runway with saturated oxblood colored lips.  The lip color paired beautifully with the collection’s colors and masculine silhouettes.  I love how they kept the models faces light and fresh so the focus was on the lips.  A fresh, bare face is the key to pulling off this magnificent lip color so that the lips standout without looking overdone.  Keep your blush and eyeshadow minimal so that they don’t compete with your lip color.


The berry colored pouts at Zimmermann were the perfect compliment to the darker colors of the collection. I absolutely loved how the models all had their hair pulled up away from the face to really showcase their makeup.  If these colors intimidate you, you can always tone it down by dabbing a small amount on your lips to create a stain and then you can gradually darken them to your liking.



Kate Bosworth and Rihanna have been sporting berry lips this season and I must say they look amazing!  I love how versatile this color is on any skin tone.  In fact the darker your skin is the darker the shade of berry you can use.



Here are my top five picks for the perfect plum pout this Fall:


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Big Apple Appointments Part II

September 20, 2014


Beautiful, crisp fall weather greeted us on our second day in the city.  We took full advantage of the chill in the air and pulled out our favorite sweaters and booties.  As you can see we obviously love our Rebecca Minkoff Alex booties and wore them the entire trip!  They are literally the most comfortable shoe and great for walking around the city.  We were definitely feeling the New York vibe and opted to wear black dresses by BCBGMaxaria that were great for traveling.  I wore a Mara Hoffman leopard sweater cape from Fall 2014 and Leah wore a fabulous by Malene Birger cardigan.  These were both easy sweaters to keep us warm while running around town.



Our first appointment of the day was with Elizabeth and James and it did not disappoint.  The spring collection featured lots of pastels, matching separates, and cut outs.  It had a very laid back, California vibe to it that the Olsens attributed to the fact they had been traveling to L.A. so much opening their new The Row store.


photo 1-9

Issa was our next stop and it blew us away!  The prints featuring horses were so unique and the colors were so rich.  These were truly extraordinary pieces and captivating.



We ended our day of appointments at Nanette Lepore and couldn’t have asked for a better finale.  You could feel summer in the showroom with the bright colors and prints.  The collection was filled with yellow, aqua, and coral.  It was hard to narrow down our favorites because we loved so much of it!


photo 4-7


We treated ourselves to blowouts at the DryBar in Midtown.  Their stylists worked their magic on our hair while we sipped champagne.  There’s no better way to spend a Friday afternoon than getting your hair done!  Leah got the Manhattan which was sleek and smooth and I chose the Cosmo-Tai which was a combo of loose curls and beachy waves.


photo 5-7

I absolutley loved the products they used on my hair!  Before blowdrying she sprayed the Texas Tea Volumizing Hair Spray on my roots.  Then after she was done curling she sprayed the Triple Sec all over my hair to add volume and texture to my fine hair.  This stuff was the best smelling product I have ever used!  It has a fresh Vanilla scent that has lasted into the second day!  What is really great about this product is that it texturizes, amplifies, and refreshes the hair.  You can use this the second day to refresh your blowout and absorb any oil.



After getting our hair done we popped over to the BG Cafe at Bergdorf Goodman’s and may I say this is an exceptional restaruant!  Their Lobster Mac and Cheese is to die for!



Leah got the Lobster Napoleon, a magnificent dish of lobster, fresh pasta layers, chanterelles and truffle butter.  If you love lobster then this is the perfect dish!


photo 2-9

I chose the Chicken Milanse which was a parmesan crusted chicken breast topped with arugula and tomatoes and fingerling potatoes on the side. This was a great light dish and full of flavor!


photo 3-7

We strolled through Bergdorfs after lunch and drooled over fabulous shoes, clothes, and bags.  It was the perfect place to end our trip before heading to the airport.  NYC was amazing and we cannot wait to go back again!