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Merry Morgan Taylor

December 19, 2014


I recently discovered the nail polish brand Morgan Taylor and if you haven’t checked them out yet, you will want to after seeing the amazing colors I tried.  A local salon, So-Lace here in Lake City, SC carries the nail polish and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  I am not one to buy polish offline without trying it in person first or seeing it on someone so its just perfect that they are down the street from me.  I narrowed down my favorites to six colors I think are perfect this Holiday season.  First I tried Royal Treatment, its a dark eggplant colored purple.  When I think of Winter I immediately picture dark and rich colors.  I think this color looks great with any black or grey outfit which tends to be my go to outfit these days.


Magician’s Assistant is a great neutral color that will go with anything and look fabulous on anyone.  I love that its a light lavender grey with a subtle iridescent finish.   I have worn this color multiple times now its such a good everyday polish.  Trying to go out of the box I have been wanting to give a navy color a try.  Morgan Taylor’s Power Suit polish was the right one to test the waters with.  Its dark yes, but its wearable.  Also I think this would be great to do some designs on top of in a lighter color if you’re feeling adventurous.




Wonder Woman is the perfect Holiday red!  The metallic sheen adds a whole other dimension to your classic red nail polish.  Its so fun and festive I can’t wait to wear this one to my next Christmas party.  Sticking with the metallic theme Could Have Foiled Me is another fabulous festive polish for this season.  This would be just the polish for New Year’s Eve as well.  Both of these colors glide on so easily and stay put well.




I saved the best for last, Glitter & Gold is literally a party in a bottle!  The glitter polish is a little tricky to get on cleanly at first, but the end result is magnificent!!  You will certainly make a statement with these nails at your next event.  I would also love to use this over a classic red for a really festive touch.




Hope you enjoyed my Holiday nail polish picks and I can’t wait to test out more for the winter months!  You can purchase any of these colors at So-Lace Salon in Lake City, SC.  Call them at (843) 374-4247 or check out their Facebook page and Instagram.


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