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Raleigh Rendezvous

August 20, 2014

Several months ago while scrolling through my Instagram feed I stumbled upon The School of Styling’s page. What caught my eye was their beautiful logo, and as I was browsing their collection of posts I saw that they were having their first workshop at the beginning of August. It was going to be held just up the road from me in Raleigh, NC. After briefly visiting their website I knew I had to find a way to attend this event. After several days of thinking it through I decided to take the plunge and sign up…..and boy am I glad that I did! A couple weeks ago I packed my bags and headed to Raleigh for the workshop. I won’t lie, I was a little nervous about who I would meet and what I would learn, but overall I was extremely excited about the opportunity. I started my first day in Raleigh very early at Heat Studios. Heat stands for Highly Effective Athletic Training and focuses on high intensity interval training. It was, by far, one of the hardest cardio workouts I have ever done. I would highly recommend it to anyone in the Raleigh area that is looking to torch some major calories!!


photo 1-6

The School of Styling workshop was held at the historic Merrimon-Wynne house. It was absolutely breathtaking! The house was built in 1897 and features 15 foot ceilings! I immediately called my husband and told him I had found our dream house…he just laughed! These pictures do not do the house justice but I tried to capture the beauty of this awesome place as best as I could.






Kaitlin Holland, the head of the School of Styling, and her team had set up a classroom for us in one of the huge rooms downstairs. When I walked in I was blown away. They thought of everything, down to the smallest detail. Our work spaces had a schedule, flowers, several cute notebooks and a personalized cup. Talk about instantly feeling at home! This was my kind of work shop:)


photo 2-6

Class was now officially in session and by the end of the first day my head was spinning from all of the valuable information that had been shared from the amazing group of speakers that had traveled from all over the US to come here.  Let me just take a moment to tell y’all about some of these speakers. Caitlin Flemming is a designer and stylist living in San Francisco, CA. She is also the founder of the immensely popular blog Sacramento Street. She has 4 million Pinterest followers if that tells you anything. Go follow her now! Natalie Bowen is also from San Francisco and is the owner of Natalie Bowen Design, a floral and event design studio specializing in breathtaking beautiful arrangements with a chic creative edge. She gave us all some awesome pointers on how to arrange the perfect center piece!! Danielle Moss and Alaina Raczmarski, founders of the Everygirl, were such a wealth of knowledge! They run an uber successful website and I can’t believe I got to meet them and get pointers from them about everything from business to blogging! It was amazing! Finally, Jessica Rourke is a wedding planner right up the road in Columbia, SC. Even though I am not in the wedding business per say, I learned a vast amount from a creative perspective from her.


After a day full of learning, we got to cut loose and have a little fun. We headed to Furbish Studio, owned by the fabulous Jamie Meares, for cocktails and shopping. I have followed Jamie’s blog, isuwanee, for a while now and was so excited to see her store in person!! It didn’t disappoint and of course I brought home a couple of keepsakes!


photo 2-8

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Day two was a lot more hands on, and we were able to learn a variety of different skills. We focused on anything from how to budget for your business to setting the perfect table!



Taking a break with Danielle and Alaina from the Everygirl! Our cute aprons were courtesy of Oatmeal Lace! Did I mention we got the best gift bags with lots of goodies like this to take home with us!



At the end of the workshop we were told to head upstairs for a little treat! Waiting for us were these beautiful mini cakes and champagne! Could this workshop have been any sweeter? I think not!



Being in a setting with a group of talented, determined and creative women was refreshing and invigorating! It has given me additional drive and energy to push ahead in my own endeavors, and to not be afraid to take big risks! Summed up perfectly in one of my favorite quotes, “with big risks come big rewards.” Another great takeaway from the weekend was to always hustle and work hard for your dreams. Luckily, we were given these awesome pencils to constantly remind us of that truth!


photo 1-7

I am anxiously waiting for Kaitlin to release the 2015 dates and locations because I will, without a doubt, be one of the first to sign up! Thanks School of Styling for an amazing experience!

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