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Grecian Goddess Bun

October 11, 2014


I want to take a moment to introduce you to the newest member of our team and our Beauty Editor, Erin McEachin.  She is a hair stylist and colorist at Panache Creative Hair Salon in Florence, SC.  She currently lives in Florence with her husband, FitzLee and her dog Pax.  Erin received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Clemson University and then went on to the Betty Stevens Cosmetology School to continue her education in a creative field.  She has been with Panache for almost 5 years now and really enjoys that she can make people feel their best with the right hairstyle and color.  Her love of fashion and design make her an asset to our team because no outfit is complete without fabulous hair!


For her first styling post Erin has decided to show us some of her favorite products to help you achieve this amazing Grecian Goddess updo that we showed on Instagram yesterday.  She is a big fan of big sexy hair products and these three that she has picked to share with you today are simply amazing!  Spray & Stay by big sexy hair is a great hairspray for updos that you want to stay in place all night long.  Spray & Play by big sexy hair is a more workable hairspray that doesn’t leave your strands hard and crunchy.  Its a great product for styling where you need more movement.  The light scent of these hairsprays won’t leave you dizzy afterward.  H2NO, a new product by big sexy hair, is a dry shampoo that smells great and gives a lot of added volume and texture to anyones hair.   The tools you will need for this updo are bobby pins, hair clips, nylon bristle brush, 1 inch curling iron, and a tail comb.  You will want a brush that is specifically made for smoothing for this updo.

Start with a center part and grab hair for the braid section by zig zagging approximately 2 inches of hair all the way to the nape of the neck.  Pin the remaining hair back while you braid each side.  Erin chose to do an inverted braid following the hairline closely to keep it tight.  An inverted braid is similar to a French Braid, only you pass the strands under each other as opposed to over.


After you’ve finished braiding, secure both braids with a hair tie at the nape of the neck, creating a tiny pony tail.


Pull at the strands of the braid to give it a more full look and thicker braid.  (This is a great tip for ladies with fine hair and tiny braids!)  Unclip the rest of the hair and spray with a flexible hold hairspray before you begin curling.  This is also a great time to spray your locks with a heat protectant to keep them healthy!


Section the unbraided hair and curl to give some bend and body.


Lightly spray sections of the curled hair with dry shampoo as you tease them.  Teasing this part of the updo will give you the volume needed to add a little or a lot of poof.  Take the tail comb and start half way up the section of hair and then backcomb.  It will look like a tangled mess, but trust me that means you’re doing it right.


Continue teasing in half inch sections until you have reached the top.  Don’t be afraid to over tease, you can always smooth it down to the desired volume.  After its teased you can begin pinning the bottom sections with bobby pins close to the rubber band at the nape of your neck.


Continue to pin and smooth the hair section by section until it is all pinned at the nape of your neck.  You can change the volume of your bump by smoothing the hair more or less.


Spray the hair generously for extra hold with hairspray.  Use the tail comb to shape the updo.


Pin the end of the hair up in a bun at the base of your neck to finish the look.  If you have short hair, you might want to add extra hair pieces.  Even if your hair is long, the teasing can take up a lot of the length and fullness so you may need to add hair pieces depending on the size of the bun you desire.

Spray the entire updo with extra hold hairspray so your hair will stay in place all night long!


Please contact Erin at Panache Creative Hair Salon for any of your styling needs or questions.  (843) 664-0555  Stay tuned for more great hair tricks and tips from Erin!

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