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About Mosaic

Mosaic Store

A mosaic is a work of art created by assembling beautiful pieces of brightly colored materials, such as glass, metals or stone, to create an image. Mosaic is an upscale contemporary women’s boutique that draws its inspiration from the fundamental lesson communicated by these pictures made from bits and pieces — that the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. Whether you’re assembling a single outfit or an entire wardrobe, we can help you find just the right pieces and make sure they work together to create the image you want to project.



Leah Norwood


Leah Hickman Norwood believes that every woman should have the ability to develop and express her own personal style. And yet shopping in department stores, or even some boutiques, can make someone feel like the victim of identity hijacking. That’s why she’s made it her mission to make high fashion a high-touch experience.

Whether you’re in Mosaic’s Lake City or Florence stores or you invite Mosaic into your own closet, you’ll benefit from Leah’s insights and experience while still feeling in complete control. Her mantra is simple: Be very selective about the items you add to your wardrobe. Add pieces that will stand the test of time and will remain a staple in your closet. For her, that might be a Mara Hoffman leopard-print cape. For you, it will be something completely different.

Leah is big on following your dreams. Hers began when she was a student at Clemson University and continues to unfold today as the Mosaic brand comes to life and gains recognition across South Carolina and around the country. She keeps her dream alive with every trunk show, with every closet consultation and with every customer who walks into the Mosaic store. She can help you realize your dream, especially if it’s your dream to find a stylist — and a friend — to help you discover your own inner strength and beauty.



Just as a woman’s look is transformed when she wears a piece, the piece itself also changes to reflect her unique personality and character. This is the give and take — between individual and ensemble — that defines personalized fashion. It’s not always easy to achieve, however, without some expert guidance. Mosaic offers an exceptionally personal experience to all of our customers, whether they’re shopping online or in our Lake City and Florence stores. Our professional stylists can help any woman match her style profile to just the right clothes and accessories and enjoy the self-discovery that comes with personalized fashion.



Ashleigh Duncan


Effortless is often reserved for style icons such as Grace Kelly or Olivia Palermo. But for Ashleigh, the term describes fashion for the everyday woman who balances hectic work schedules with active weekends - and looks good every step of the way. Ashleigh is always on the go, so she appreciates apparel that's simple and easy to wear. And she really appreciates helping others enjoy high fashion without high maintenance. She loves it when someone walks into the store and finds just the right piece to reveal her inner beauty and make her feel great about herself.

As is often the case, effortless doesn't always come easy. Ashleigh works hard to stay current with the latest trends and the hottest haute couture. She constantly reads blogs and articles and pays particular attention to fresh ideas about how to style everyday pieces. All of this research challenges her to think outside the box and to venture out of her comfort zone to try things she might have otherwise overlooked. And in the end, it helps her be a better consultant to Mosaic customers looking to achieve their effortless chic.


Anne Norwood


To get a sense of Anne Norwood’s style, imagine Audrey Hepburn wearing a bold Dannijo necklace and cuff. She calls it a classic, tailored style with a “punch of trendy,” but we see it as the perfect balance so many women are searching for. You’ll love Anne’s ability to listen to what’s important — and to know what designers and pieces work well together.

Just ask Anne about her favorite designers, and you’ll see how she considers the different feelings we all have when we choose an outfit. For a classic, she turns to Elliott Lauren. For something sexy, Robert Rodriguez knows all the right angles. For comfort, she slides into Bella Dahl. And for a splash of color, she wears Trina Turk and Tolani. You can tell that Anne loves what she does, and what she does is delight the woman looking for that something special.



The history of Mosaic closely follows the personal history of its founder, Leah Hickman Norwood. Leah attended Clemson University and graduated in 2006 with a bachelor's degree in visual arts. She had always been interested in the fashion industry and fashion design, so after leaving Clemson, she traveled to Florence, SC, and began to learn the business the way many people do — on the retail floor of an upscale boutique. This led her to Charlotte, NC-based CAPITOL which sells an array of designer goods and apparel from upscale brands including Balenciaga, Lanvin and Valentino.

Through it all, Leah considered opening her own store, but the time didn't seem right for such a bold move. Instead, she took a detour, back to Florence, where she spent two years as a grants administrator. After that, she returned to fashion, helping a retailer launch the shop’s e-commerce website. The experience provided valuable insights about how to coordinate online and brick-and-mortar retail experiences and reignited her passion to open a store that reflected her own bohemian style and fulfilled her desire to deliver highly personal, hands-on fashion consultation.

In 2013, her passion finally had a name — Mosaic — and a physical presence in historic Lake City, SC. It was a journey, seven years in the making, but the results speak for themselves. The Mosaic brand has made its mark on South Carolina fashion and now, with a completely redesigned website, stands poised to reach women all over the world who appreciate an expert’s insights and recommendations as much as they appreciate having access to all of the latest designs.

In 2018, Mosaic opened a sister store in the beautiful, revitalized downtown district of Florence, SC.